Sacred Silence

New_Bowers_frontcover_onlyHow does a person wind up on Oprah’s 25th and final Favorite Things giveaway, not only winning a Caribbean cruise, yet also being taken on an unexpected three-year personal journey? So begins Sacred Silence, which reveals to the reader the uncovering of a single shred of family history buried over fifty years ago and five hundred miles away. The reader will be engaged in synchronistic events that present challenges and blessings, which are poignant, inspirational, and life changing. Doggedly determined to reclaim her beginnings, Kathleen faces silence, secrets, and dead ends. She resolutely pursues the truth and finds revelations and meaning at every turn. With grace, love, and conviction, the author emerges with finely honed sleuthing skills and enlightenment brought about through Divine Intervention. The “Aha Moments” are worth the reading!