“Well written account of one woman’s relentless journey to find answers to her past. As the author listens to her inner voice, her search for truth leads her down an unexpected path where persistence, determination and Divine Intervention bring her to a point of self-discovery and acceptance. Her journey inspires readers to listen to their own inner voice to discover the person God intended them to be!” -Cheryl Seaman

Sacred Silence was a heartfelt account, in beautifully-written prose, of one woman’s search for a part of her life that had been closed off to her.
Her steadfast courage and devotion to finding answers that would free her mind would finally allow her to begin living the rest of her life, having found the people and places of which she was previously unaware. The book may give others the courage and determination to begin their own quest for answers they long to know.” -Andrea Allen

“A fantastic display of God’s sovereignty through the complexities of life.” -Ian

“Kathleen takes you on a touching journey of sensitive exploration using keen intuitive skills along with a strong spiritual connection to guide her along on a path to self enlightenment. You can sense her intent and emotion as she seeks answers to some mysterious questions about her birth. Her honest and vulnerable quest will inspire you, as she goes to great lengths for any information that will shed light on a deep family secret. You will admire her courage and persistence in trying to grab the unattainable truth that is at the core of her existence. Her writing style is very touching and this book is an easy read. The reader will be intrigued as you turn the pages in the hopes that answers will come. At it’s core, this book is about self acceptance and the peace that comes in knowing that you are meant to be exactly who and where you are no matter what life dishes out along the way.” -DeeAnn